Estranged: Act I and Volume 427 are now available on Loudr, Spotify and iTunes!

The soundtracks of Estranged: Act I and The Stanley Parable are now available on Loudr, Spotify and iTunes!

Get it on Loudr.FM here: My Loudr artist page

Stream it on Spotify: Estranged: Act I | Volume 427

And you can buy it on iTunes too: Estranged Act I | Volume 427

The Stanley Parable has been Released!

Anyone ever heard of The Stanley Parable? No?
Let’s get you up to speed then by showing you the launch trailer!

Now that you know everything about The Stanley Parable we can start talking abou-…

The Stanley Parable

PS: Some of my music is in the full game. Will you be able to find it? If you think you did, let me know. That’s what the wonderful comment section is for.

PS2: For the impatient, have a little SoundCloud playlist ;)

Messing with shaders in Source sans Shader Editor

HBAO in Estranged

As of late I’ve been messing a lot with shaders in the Source engine. At first I was using the popular Shader Editor mod to help me out which worked great for a while until I hit some issues relating to the order in which things are rendered.

Most full screen effects that are created with the Shader Editor that have become part of PPE (post-process effect) chains are all calculated and displayed after everything else has been rendered. Of course this isn’t very odd since they are PPE chains but in order to have more control of what was rendered when I had to dig into the actual shader project and figure out how Valve setup their shaders and how they manage it all. Ranging from RTs (render textures) to the shader FXCs themselves.

Lens Flare in Estranged

Luckily I got to meet the awesome Drew Watts who could help me learn how to do most of the Source shader related stuff. He even sent me some of his shaders which I was allowed to use for the Estranged mod. Which was great news because this included his HBAO shader. It’s a very pretty shader. ;)

Depth of Field in Estranged

Funny enough the only issue I’m still running into right now for most of the time is actually rendering the HBAO before the sprites and fog are rendered so that it doesn’t get multiplied over those results. Which is kind of why I stopped using the Shader Editor. I’ve still got a lot to learn. Maybe some day I’ll be able to write a nice tutorial about the system as well.

That’s all for now. Shaders woo!